Millennial Millionaire Enterprises was born January 22nd, 2020. Originally planning to only be a shirt business with the launch date being February, 20th, 2020. MME decided they wanted to be more, offer more. They began to expand, MME offered a full branded apparel line before its planned launch date. 


In March of 2020, MME launched a Brand Ambassador Program with intent to spread confidence on the social media platforms and teach individuals how to monetize on social media. 


In April of 2020, MME launched their summer apparel line. 


In June of 2020, MME partnered with Destination Designers to promote the cleaner ocean movement. 


In July of 2020, MME sponsored their first major Film Festival, Illume Film Fest,  (Georgia) 


In August of 2020, MME launched Instant Millionaires Club, which is a social club for anyone not just Millennials to join. 

In September of 2020, MME sponsored their second major Film Festival, Ferrara Film Fest. (Italy)

In October of 2020, MME released their first published book. Millennial To Millionaire, "The Odds Were Never In My Favor," by Rachel Greer. Rachel has pledged to donate 50% of the profits to NGZ Left Behind Foundation, she also serves as a member on the board for NGZ. 

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